Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weird Mother's Day

I feel a bit weird about this coming Mother's Day.  It's always been an awkward day for me.  Also, I don't much care for flowering plants.

This year is the first year that there is visual proof of my momness, so I am pretty sure that this Mother's Day applies to me.  And that's weird.  It makes me feel old.  And soccer mom-ish.  And minivan mom-ish.  And flowery cards with some lame missive inside-ish.

Which is weird because I think being a mom is more like Rosie the Riveter-ish, or Lara Croft-ish.

Anyway, I guess this is all just to say I don't like flowering plants if I can't eat them.  

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Spent the afternoon in Seattle today.

Had sushi.  I went to get my hair did while hubs and baby kicked around Fremont and Wallingford (Freford? Wallmont?  Whatever.  Anyway, both neighborhoods have way more people and cars than I remember).

After the hair cut we all went up to Molly Moon's on 45th for some ice cream to tide us over on the ride home.

Baby wore her hat that is made out of an old wool sweater, the hat that we bought at the Bellingham Farmers' Market for probably too much money but it's local and made of recycled sweaters.

Down in Oly, and up in B'ham, the hat on her head makes me think of workers and revolution and fists raised.

In Seattle it made her look uber hipster with obviously hipster parents because look at that too stylish hat perched rakishly atop her sweet head.

I like to be able to slip in and out of situations and places and be comfortable no matter where I am.  Glad to know my kid is following in the same footsteps - be they made in ballet flats, peep-toe heels or Converse.

But not in Birkenstocks because those are ugly.