Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why I don't have an iPhone

Yesterday my new mobile phone arrived...and along with it a healthy dose of do-goodedness and fight the man power.

I switched from Verizon Wireless, a company I'd been with for many years, to Credo Mobile. Credo is a progressive company that donates 1% of all charges to progressive causes. I've known about Credo for a number of years now, but only made the decision to switch when I saw one of their bus wraps supporting gay marriage.

I received great customer service from Verizon; when a sicko from one of my jobs took the internal office phone list home and started making disgusting phone calls to all the young women, Verizon changed my number immediately for free and did not give my old number to anyone else. They even tracked down the phone that the calls came from, but it ended up being a pay phone somewhere in east King County.

However, my husband and I are not heavy cell minute users and if I'm going to be paying more for cell service than I think I need to pay, I'm at least going to try and do some good in the world.

Plus, I wanted a smartphone and Credo had cheap web access plans.

Truth be told, I'd like an iPhone, but I disagree with AT&T's political giving, so scratch that idea.

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