Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Heart Ideas For the Blog

A month or so back I was frustrated with myself for not taking the time to update this blog more often, so I decided to take advantage of a slow period during the work day (i.e. I was bored of working) to write down a list of things that I'd like to write about.

Still haven't actually written ABOUT any of them, so I thought at the very least I could post the list here. Then it's kind of like writing about them, right?

* Why I like wearing shoes with heels: What it is like to be short

* How I became an obsessive bread baker

* Jamming (as in making some and putting it in a jar, sans botulism)

* The Olympia Farmer's Market: Real life food porn

* The high importance email epidemic - or people who think everything is of the utmost importance (to the guy at the deli: I WAS NOT cutting in front of you so don't get snippy with me, you looked to be in line with the woman in front of me, seeing as how you were digging in her purse and all)

* How annoyed I was at the short-lived corn processors association commercials trying to convince me that high fructose corn syrup is GOOD for me because it is made from corn and all natural. Uranium is all natural and you don't see people drinking that in their juice boxes.

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kbb said...

Ok, so how did you become an obsessive bread baker?