Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitude Abounds: Day 2

Doing good so far; I've made it back for day two. I am practically on a role here.

2. The comforts I enjoy in my daily life have been thrown into sharp relief over the past week, as Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath have devastated so many communities on the east coast. There are many days that I come inside from the rain and the wind and I am so happy to be walking into my warm, dry house. However, the news from across the nation has reminded just how damn lucky I am to have consistent access to gas for my car, to stores stocked with food, to new rolls of paper towels and the stores that sell them, to Target for all the things that I know I do not need but buy anyway, to electricity to do silly little things such as charge my phone and run my modem. I know that life can be lived fully and very satisfyingly (is that a real word?) without any of the above things, so I do not doubt that, if I chose to do so, I could live my life quite well without any of them (some easier to give up than others). However, they have become creature comforts that make my life easier and, to a lesser extent, less dire and survivalist. And for that, I truly am grateful.

And I am grateful for warm kitties who, while they absolutely will not come sit on my lap no matter what I do, will always curl up on the arm of the couch to at least be near where I am (but would never admit this, if they could speak English, that is).

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